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Within this Collection:

November 11, 1860 - Lincoln wins presidency

January 25, 1861 - County pledges loyalty

April 26, 1861 - Fort Sumter falls

June 3 1861 - Is Legislature going 'Secish'?

June 29, 1861 - County occupied by Federal troops

July 29 1861 - Battle at Manassas

August 20 1861 -Banks leaves Sandy Hook

September 29 1861 - Mass arrests throughout Maryland

November 3 1861 - Rebels win at Ball's Bluff

November 30 1861 - McClelland commands US troops

January 3 1862 - Jackson attacks Dam 5

January 31, 1862 - Hancock bombarded by Jackson

February 28 1862 - Confederates driven from Harpers Ferry

March 28, 1862 - McClellan invades Virginia

April 26, 1862 - W Va. may annex Berkley & Jefferson counties

June 7, 1862 - Mob wrecks Mail office

June 27, 1862 - Battle fought at Richmond

July 26, 1862 - Abolition opposed by border states

September 3, 1862 - August victories for south

September 24, 1862 - McClennan against Lee at Sharpsburg

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Photographs and Prints

The Centennial Times

Part of the Hagerstown Herald-Mail's Commemoration of
the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Antietam, 1962.

The Hagerstown Herald-Mail in August 1962 commemorated the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Antietm with a major edition of their paper including sections of the Battle itself, the parties involved, the impact of the battle on South County, and other aspect of the effect of the fighting. The paper also commemorated the Bicentennial of the Founding of Hagerstown, with sections on the city and the history of the county.

Battle of Antietam
The section of the 1962 paper included here is the Herald-Mail's use of the original stories from the Hagerstown papers of 1860 to 1862. Called The Centennial Times, it tells the story of life in Hagerstown and Washington County, and the Nation too, from the election of Lincoln in November 1860 to the departure of the Confederates across the Potomac to Shepherdstown and beyond in September 1862.

Important national events are covered: the battle of Manassas, the defeat of the Federals at Balls Bluff, Jackson's attacks on Dam 5, the bombardment of Hancock. Local news is included too - 20 students at St. James walked out when Dr. Kerfoot prayed for a federal victory, the Mail newspaper office was ransacked, and stories like Martin Eakles of Keedysville providing ham and biscuits to the Union artillery near the Piper Farm, and Miss Savilla Miller of Sharpsburg giving cups of water to the passing Confederate troops.

The source of these stories is not always clear. Some stories are from the Herald of Freedom and Torch Light and this is added at the end of the article. The mast head stated "This section contains special pages printed in the Morning Herald and the Daily Mail over the past 18 months. Stories and pictures were gleaned from old newspaper accounts and historical articles of the Civil War activity in the region." What source the Hagerstown papers used 50 years ago is not stated.

Western Maryland Regional Library is most grateful to the Editor of the Hagerstown Herald-Mail for permitting this document to be scanned, and added to the Battle of Anitetam commemoration webpages. Thanks too to the Williamsport Memorial Library for allowing us to scan their copy of the 1962 newspaper.

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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