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Hagerstown 1911

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Story of Hagerstown Maryland Illustrated 1911

The story of Hagerstown, compiled by Clarence E. Weaver, was published by the Mail in 1911. It describes the businesses in the city, each worthy of high praise. For example:

HAGERSTOWN ICE COMPANY.—This is one of the most completely equipped ice plants in the State, and a specialty is made of absolutely pure ice manufactured from distilled mountain water. The capacity of the plant is nearly 50 tons per day, and during the season it requires seven wagons to supply the trade throughout this community.

CRAWFORD AUTOMOBILE COMPANY.—In this review of the city it is well to make mention of the more prominent concerns that are making Hagerstown famous as a great and growing manufacturing center. The above company manufactures the famous "Crawford" automobile and employment is here given to perhaps 150 highly skilled men who are thoroughly versed in the automobile industry. An immense plant is occupied, thoroughly equipped with modern machinery and the business is steadily growing. This company has a paid up capital stock of $100,000.00.

M. P. Moller Pipe Organ Factory
M. P. Moller Pipe Organ Factory
Clarence E. Weaver was a compiler of business information. He travelled throughout the eastern US, and wrote at least 24 other books like this in towns from Indiana to Florida. Titles included Atlanta: up to date city of the south published in 1906 and The story of Altoona: the mountain city, 1911. The latter is replete with photographs of Horseshoe Bend and the world’s largest roundhouse. As with the Hagerstown document, all businesses are well run, and “the very best service is provided, as well as the prompt delivery of orders.” The Hotel is “an establishment that will rank with any in the country for its modern and handsome appointments.”

The story of Hagerstown lists some of the more important industries in Hagerstown in 1911 and how they saw themselves. The photographs of the churches are possibly from Hays postcards (see Hays photograph collection.)

Western Maryland Regional Library is grateful to Edward Brewer who gave this book to the Western Maryland Room of Washington County Free Library.

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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