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Battle of Folck's Mill, 1864
The Alleganian in 1864 reported a number of Civil War events, the Battle of Monocacy, the burning of Chambersburg, and the Battle of Folck's Mill, near Cumberland; and the passage of the Maryland Constitution, ending slavery in the state.

150th Anniversary of the Civil War - Hagerstown newspapers
The collection contains weekly stories from the Hagerstown newspapers from 1861-1865, telling of Civil War events in Washington County, Maryland and beyond. Not all years are covered as some newspapers did not survive.

Antietam National Cemetery, 1867
lists the name, company and regiment, grave number and place of death of those Union soldiers buried in Antietam National Cemetery at the time of its dedication in 1867. The text also includes the ceremonies and speeches at the dedication.

Confederate soldiers killed at Antietam
This 1869 book, also known as the Bowie List, documents the names, regiments and location of those Confederates buried where they fell after the battles in the Maryland campaign of the Civil War.

Washington Confederate Cemetery, Hagerstown
The Washington Confederate Cemetery houses the remains of Confederates killed at Antietam and South Mountain. This collection compares the various lists of those who may have been reintered there, the Bowie list, Coxson's list and the list created by Sam Pruett, former Trustee of the cemetery.

Clarysville Hospital 1863-1865
The U.S. General Hospital Register, Clarysville, Maryland, 1863-1865, a log book of 2866 patients treated by Dr. Morris Townsend, was transcribed and verified by Richard H. Sauer. Harriet Moore edited the collection and wrote the introduction.

Battle of Antietam - Herald of Freedom and Torch Light, September 1862
The Herald of Freedom and Torch Light, the pro Union Hagerstown newspaper, covered the story of the battle of Antietam and its aftermath in South Washington County.

75th anniversary, Battle of Antietam, 1937
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt attended the re-enactment at the Antietam battlefield on September 17, 1937 and Hagerstown held pageants, parades, an exhibition of county industry and agriculture…

Civil War Veterans, 1937
In 1937, for the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Antietam, the organizers of the National Antietam Commemoration sent a questionnaire to all known living veterans of the Civil War. 80 responses have been located...

Charles Russell Letters
Charles H. Russell, a Presbyterian minister in Williamsport, MD, led Company I of the 1st Maryland Cavalry in the first two years of the war.

Civil War diary of James Francis Beall
James Francis Beall lived in southern Frederick and Montgomery counties during the civil war. His diary records the weather, family happenings and how well his crops were growing. It also records news of the war from the perspective of a southern sympathizer.

Jones-Imboden Raid, 1863
The Jones-Imboden Raid was a series of skimishes in West Virigina and Western Maryland in April of 1863. Confederate troops attacked the rail bridges near Oakland in Garrett County, Maryland, among other sites.

Centennial Times - Antietam Centennial, 1962
In 1962, the Hagerstown Herald and Mail papers printed a commemorative edition. This section contains articles from various historic newspapers and documents.

Tableland Trails - Civil War
Tableland Trails includes two stories about the Union General Benjamin Franklin Kelley and one about "rebels" in Accident.

Antietam Cemetery Payroll, 1866-1867
The payroll for the construction of the wall around Antietam National Cemetery, 1866-1867. Dr Augustin Biggs is the probable author.

John Brown in Washington County
John Brown launched his attack on the armory at Harpers Ferry from Washington County. This website documents his stay in a hotel in Hagerstown and the local newspapers response.

The Insurrection at Harper's Ferry, 1859
Correspondence collected by the Maryland Senate in 1860 relating to John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry includes messages from B. & O. conductors and the company president, John Garrett, Governor Wise of Virginia and Robert E. Lee, U. S. Army, Commander of forces at Harper's Ferry.

Surgeon Pillichody, 74th Pennsylvania Regiment
Franz Pillichody, born in Germany and trained as a doctor, became a surgeon in the 74th Pennsylvania volunteers. He was arrested during the war.
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