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Store Ledger (- Denlinger Bros)

General store ledger, Denlinger Bros, Pittsburg, PA Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information


2J A NelsonFrostburg51
2J CarrollFrostburg51½
2Lon Co StoreLonaconing51
3J B WrightFrostburg52
3Peter PeeblesLonaconing52½54½
3John LoveLonaconing53
3Saml Bradley CityWinter Oil49½
6Trement BrosPekin51½
9Shaw Supply CoShawW? Oil57½
9E McIntyreLonaconing52
11C G PatteronBloomington53
11G M ClarkConey5152535152
11P Lemmert? Frostburg52
11E H PritchardFrostburg52½
11J PriceFrostburg53½
11H B Shaffer Frostburg 52½515050½
11Sloan & SloanOcean51½5254
11J T MillerLonaconing5250½50½
11W G MillerLonaconing52½
11Saml Bradley5151½
16Buxton ? Longstreet Elk Garden52½52
17John Somerville52½ 5052 52½53½
17Saml BradleyBbl W Oil for McMillan Bros51
22Lonaconing Co Store52½53
22C F Betz Frostburg52½
24E R Grant Elk Garden52505251½
24E T GrantMidland>
24R M WilsonFrostburg51½52
26E MuirShaft.50
26J S MetgerFrostburg53
28Saml Bradley use B Coal Co Zero5151
30J Rafferty Bros FranklinZero5051
31Buxton ? LongstreetElk Garden6057½
31W Hoskins Frostburg58½
31D Dixon & SonLonaconing5960½
31Henry Schram58½
31John LoveLonaconing51
2Jno ChambersFrostburg5052
2J NelsonFrostburg52½
3M J HobanPiedmont57½52½
6M Luvin ? Frostburg5153
6C F BetzFrostburg51½
8J J ByrnesFrostburg5152
63 Bbl Zero S Bradley505152
9G W McIntyre & Sons58
10Consolidation Coal Co Ocean 57
13M P GannonFranklin50½
17C G Patterson Bloomington 51
18Saml Bradley51½
20Saml Bradley 52Winter Oil use Barton M Co52
21C M BetzFrostburg5353
21Jno Love & BrLonaconing53
23Saml Bradley Zero use B Coal Co. 51
31M GannonFranklinZero51
31S A Daughtery Shaw M Oil57
31R DavisMt Savage W Oil52
3Saml BradleyW Oil52½
4H B Shaffer505250½5351
4Jno Somerville5252½52½5051
4J S MetzgerFrostburg49½
5Buxton LongstreetJunction395158½52½51
7C F Betz Frostburg51
7J S MetzgerFrostburg58
7L J CollmanFrostburg53
7Ed PriceFrostburg58½
7Saml BradleyZero5051
12Geo W Clark51½54505253
12John Chambers51½55½
12J B Wright51½
12Jones Bros51
12J H MillerBloomington 51
12C Wade & CoFrostburg51
12John O Hanley52½
12Wm Cowherd Frostburg5051½51
19Eckhart Co StoreFrostburg50½
19Lonaconing Co Store57



George's Creek Library

Denlinger Bros were distributors of oils and grease of various types, based in Pittsburgh, Pa. They sold Winter Oil and Zero Cold Test Oil, possibly the W Oil and Zero included on this page. More information on Denlinger Bros can be found at Emergence of Advertising in America, Duke University


Collection Location:
George's Creek Library

Original Size:
36 x 22 cms

Allegany County History; Allegany County (Md.) History, Local; Account books, Maryland, Allegany County

Allegany County, MD; 1895-1897

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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