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Store Ledger (- John D. Warnick )

General store ledger - John D Warnick Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information


John D Warnick
Dec 10Sugar 25Beans 2550
10Oysters 30 BW Flour 1444
11Basin 25Coffee 2550
12Chew Tob 25Smock? 0833
12WB Flour 74Tob 1590
12Hose 15Hat 2540
12Linsey? 20 Thread 05 25
12Tob 25Ribbon 1237
12C Oil 15S Meat 4055
12C? 04Muslin 08 12
13Hay 1.14Coffee 251.39
16Cabbage 12Currants 1426
16Raisins 20Oysters 3050
18C Salt 08Coffee 2533
18Pepper 10Sage 0515
201 Bbl P B Flour 4.754.75
20Coffee 25Soap 2550
20Tob 15Tob 25C Oil 15
21Eggs 13Currants 1528
23Raisins 25Sugar 1035
23Syrup 13E lemon 1023
23Coffee 25Shoes 1.101.35
26Do 60 Coffee 2585
26C Oil 15Thread 05 20
27Tob 25Shovel 5075
27Tob 1515
27S Polish 05Lemons 1015
28Sugar 25Eggs 1338
Jan2Calico 28Tonic? 2048
2Yeast 05Tea 2530
3Tob 1515
6Straw 25Coffee 2550
6Soap 25Tob 2045
6M Oil 30Shawl 5080
6P Nuts 05Sugar 2530
6Coffee 25Rice ? 1035
8Muslin 07Tob 2532
10Vinegar 14Tob 2529
11Coffee 25Tob 1540
11M Cotton 05D Bucket 4045
20By Cash 25
15Coffee 23C Oil 1538
15Sugar 25Lace 0530
15P Handle 1313
18Cigars 25Mustard 1035
18Tob 15Coffee 2540
18Salt 05Tob 5055
22P Nuts 10M Syrup 2535
24C Oil 15Soap 2540
25Tob 15Sugar 2540
27Coffee 25Shells 4065
28Shot 10Shells 1020
30Tob 25Do 2550
31Tob 15C Oil 1530
31Coffee 25Beans 1035
31Cap 25Pants 5075
31P Nuts 05F S Meal? 1015
Feb3L Globe 08Matches 0513
4C Oil 15Cakes 2035
4Tob 25M Oil 3055
6Cabbage 12Soap 2554
6Coffee 22Tom 2042
8Salt 05Tob 1530
8P Nuts 05L Globe 1015
10C Oil 15Shells 2035
10L Wick 011
11Shirt 50Coffee 2272
11P Handle 13 13
17Rec Payment
11B Flour 70Yeast 1575


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George's Creek Library

John David Warnick was born in the late 1850s or early 1860s. His father James served in the First Regiment Infantry, Company I of the Union army during the Civil War. After his death in 1896, James’ widow, Sarah, applied for and obtained a widow's pension by virtue of James' service in the Civil War. When the pension was approved, it was made retroactive so that the first check was quite large. An unscrupulous Barton attorney charged Sarah a legal fee much larger than regulations allowed. The attorney was subsequently prosecuted and Sarah recovered $25 of the fee. This same attorney had also bilked another local veteran, who also recovered some of his money.

John David Warnick married Agnes Williams, who died in 1895. He was listed in the 1900 census as a 43 year old coal miner with his mother, two daughters and a son living with him.

More information on this family can be found in Walt Warnick’s 1999 book The Fazenbaker Family of Western Maryland


Collection Location:
George's Creek Library

Original Size:
36 cms x 20 cms

Allegany County History; Allegany County (Md.) History, Local; Account books, Maryland, Allegany County

Allegany County, MD; 1895-1897

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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