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Store Ledger (- Mrs Patterson and Henry Creutzburg)

General store ledger - Mrs Patterson and Henry Creutzburg Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information


Mrs Patterson
Sept22Sugar 1.00Vinegar 071.07
23C Starch 10Salmon 2030
25C Oil 06Shoes 2.402.46
28N Meg 05Locks 0510
Oct2Salmon 20Lard 2040
8Eggs 07 07
Oct12By cash in full 7.23
10S Sand 05Hose 2530
10Candy 05L Beans 1419
10S Wadding? 05Lard 2328
12Crackers 10Blue 0515
16Salmon 20Blue 0515
17Vin 07S Potatoes 0815
19Thread 05C Oil 1217
20Mustard 10Salmon 2030
24Jap Oil ? 40Cakes 10 L Beans 1464
26Sugar 1.00B W Flour 321.32
27Turnips 10C Oil 1222
31Lard 23Crackers 1033
Nov 5C Oil 12Salmon 20Coffee 2254
6Lard 20Salt 10Crack 1040
9Calico 16Globe 1025
11By cash in full 5.54
12Butter 25Salmon 2045
14B W Flour 25Crackers 1035
17Bbl J B? 5.50L Beans 105.60
17Peas 09Rice 1524
17W Bones? 10Thread 0415
20Salmon 20Flannel 1.001.20
24Flannel 25P Lock 1550
546 For'd8.54
Henry Creutzberg
1896From Folio 364 Ledger #2
Amt forward63.90
90 lbs oats82
Oct 92 Bus Oats56
1516 lbs? Sack Oats67
Nov 11135 Oats1.18
14L Globe 40
Dec311 Bbl JB? Ret.
April6Bbl PB 5.255.25
June26800 Bran5.60
June11Cr 800 Bran5.60
Aug1270lbs Oats @3577
1310 bbl ord? 1.68
148... 1.132.81
1770 lbs Oats @ 3067
Forward to folio 265 Ledger # 4


Page #:


George's Creek Library

In Barton in the 1900 census there are two Mrs Pattersons listed: Isabella Patterson, a 60 year old widow, and Agnes, 34, wife of Charles Patterson, with 4 sons. This is probably Isabella.

Henry Creutzburg was a prominent merchant in Barton in the late 1800s and early 1900s. He helped dozens of local Civil War veterans wade through red tape and apply for pensions (Walt Warnick).

In the 1900 census he is listed as a proprietor of a general store, and living with his wife, four daughters and a son. His purchases at this store are mainly animal feed.


Collection Location:
George's Creek Library

Original Size:
36 cms x 20 cms

Allegany County History; Allegany County (Md.) History, Local; Account books, Maryland, Allegany County

Allegany County, MD; 1895-1897

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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