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History of Antietam National Cemetery (page 13)

Union soldiers, Battle of Antietam. Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information


best to reject all the proposals, which was done at a subsequent meeting of the Board, under a resolution to that effect.

For the accomplishment of as much work as possible with the limited means at the disposal of the Trustees, and to avoid the danger of improper expenditure of the funds in the hands of agents and contractors, who might have been interested only to the extent of their profits, it was determined to place the business and the general supervision of affairs in the hands of the President, Dr. A. A. BIGGS, who at the same time was appointed general superintendent, with instructions to proceed at once with the grading and the quarrying of the necessary stone for the walls, for the lime, and to arrange for the coping stone, and to perform all other acts towards the accomplishment of the duties imposed upon the Trustees as in his judgment he might deem necessary.

The Superintendent at once entered upon the discharge of his duties by employing a large force, principally honorably discharged Union soldiers, to open the quarries and prepare the stone for the wall, at the same time that a similar force was engaged in removing the surface stone from the Cemetery grounds, which being unfit for the wall or to be burnt into lime, was, however, valuable for the foundation and for filling the inside of the raised part of the wall.

Up to this period of time but few of the States interested had become fully awakened to the importance of this great work, and the duty which they owed in the premises. Their means, their efforts and their attention had all been directed to the pendency of the great national struggle for existence, so, that it was not by reason of any indifference on their part, or lack of interest in the sacred objects of the Association, much less any desire to shirk the duty which their sense of patriotism doubtless recognized. But the echoes of the late conflict where still sounding in their ears, and the confusion engendered by their recent participation therein, prevented them from promptly engaging in the work until the subject was brought to their attention, under a resolution of the Board to the effect that circu-


Page #:

Maryland. Board of Trustees of the Antietam National Cemetery.


Collection Location:
Washington County Free Library.

Original Size:
23 x 14 cms

J.W. Woods, printer, Baltimore

Antietam National Cemetery; United States History, Civil War, 1861-1865, Registers of dead.

Washington County, Md; 1862-1869.

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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