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List of persons, copartnerships, and corporations assessed in the county tax for the year 1872 (- Westernport)

Allegany County tax records, 1872 Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information


Johnson, Roger.1871 85
Jenkins, Wm.2252 23
Jacobs, Jacob's heirs.581457 56
Jones, Thomas H.3243 21
Jones, James.1751 73
Jacobs, James.6001077 00
Johnson, John.4001055 00
Johnson, James.1901 88
Jamison, Elizabeth.110010 80
Independent Order Oddfellows.350034 65
Jenkins, E.7006 93
Jones Ebenezer.2001 98
Johnson R E9139 04
Jones, Joseph.5004 94
Klipstine, Philip A.5705 64
Kolbery, August 180021019 90
Klipstine, Wm.6002958 86
Kolmer, Peter.203473427 50
Kline, Elizabeth.2132 11
Klipstine, Mrs. Emily J5004 95
Kight, Mrs. Mary A.100120211 91
Kildow, Geo. W.161520217 99
Kalbaugh, Isaac Sr.220084830 18
Kight, Enoch of John.1701 68
Kalbaugh, Michael Sr.90011910 09
Kight, Joshua of Enoch.335016934 84
Kalbaugh, Michael Jr.7001758 66
Kiling, Christopher.1521 51
Kight, Richard A.143035117 63
Kight, Wm. of Enoch.3005027 94
Kight, Henry H.5502137 56
Kemp, Elijah.110022213 09
Kight, Wm. of Cornelius.5050
Kight, Wm. Sr.900105519 36
Knorr, Frederick.100022512 13
Kelley, Patrick.137513 61
Kuhnly, Christopher.4001495 44
Kight, John of Joseph's heirs.5004 95
Kline, Richard.1101 09
Kight, Silas.190012420 04
Kooker, John W.1201 19
Kimmel, Joseph.120019013 76
Kight, Theodore D.1501 49
Kalbaugh, Z. W.390073945 93
Kirkwood, James.128512 72
Kight, James.209046225 27
Kalbaugh, Alexander. 7006 93
Krauft, Peter.500505 45
Keavey, Henry.3002 97
Keefer, Charles.7006 93
Kight, Samuel.4001004 95
Keller, Daniel T. & Wright.400270030 69


County Commissioners of Allegany Co., Md.

Public domain


Collection Location:
Ruth Enlow Library, Oakland

Original Size:
19 x 12 cms

Publisher: Will H. Lowdermilk, Cumberland, MD

Tax assessment, Maryland, Allegany County; Tax assessment, Maryland, Garrett County

Allegany and Garrett Counties, Maryland, 1872

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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