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List of persons, copartnerships, and corporations assessed in the county tax for the year 1872 (- Westernport)

Allegany County tax records, 1872 Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information


McCormick, Joseph.10099
Majors, Mary.120011 88
McGowan, Patrick1251 24
Manton, Edward C. Newell Clark &
Albert Ballard.788078 01
Miller, Mary E.2802 77
Moran, Thomas112011 09
McKinney, Sarah.2282 26
Michaels, Peter B.4804 75
Michaels, W. R7574
Michaels, Philip T 1501 49
McKenna, Patrick3002 97
Miller, Mrs. Rebecca E. 1(009 90
McCloud, Alexander6005 94
Martin, David5004 95
Michaels, J. W6005 94
Marshall, John.400504 46
Meeks, John600756 68
Mansfield, John.300403 36
Miller Brothers.430042 57
Michael, John L. guardian for
Michael, Mary M1831 81
Michael, Nathan T.1831 81
Michael, Philip A1831 81
Michael, Alpha A1831 81
Naughton, Mrs. Nora7001908 81
Nesbitt, Joseph G.105030013 66
Navens, John4002126 06
Noon, John142022516 29
Neff, Wm.466073253 38
Norman, Samuel.3501454 90
Now, Conrad.7006 93
Nolan, Simon.15755016 09
Nolan, Martin.1501 49
Naughton, Bridget3253 22
Noon, Patrick.1251 24
Newlin, Lewis R.195025021 78
Nesbitt, Joseph H7006 93
Nails, Lewis.4754 70
Nalls, Enoch.5755 69
O'Brien, John4001305 25
Owens, W. W.105019212 30
Orr, Robert1451 41
Orr, Wm. Jr.220015523 32
O'Brien, Patrick.5004 95
Outhank, John8001309 21
Pearce, John.2952 92
Penman, Wm1691 67
Powers, Wm.1021 01
Pearce, Thomas.90013410 24
Porter, Alexander2302 28
Patrick, Andrew2002104 06


Page #:

County Commissioners of Allegany Co., Md.

Public domain


Collection Location:
Ruth Enlow Library, Oakland

Original Size:
19 x 12 cms

Publisher: Will H. Lowdermilk, Cumberland, MD

Tax assessment, Maryland, Allegany County; Tax assessment, Maryland, Garrett County

Allegany and Garrett Counties, Maryland, 1872

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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