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List of persons, copartnerships, and corporations assessed in the county tax for the year 1872 (- Westernport)

Allegany County tax records, 1872 Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information


Rankin, James Sr6060
Ringold, S. P.2001 98
Richards, Mary 158015 15
Riley, James 5004 95
Rawlings, Samuel10099
Roberts, Abraham120011 88
Rogan, Thomas8007 92
Stidings, Bernard.2001 98
Stewart, Mrs. Jeannette .5502007 43
Stewart, Charles100016011 49
Sommerville, John.,1650177833 94
Schreomm, Henry227526825 18
Stein, Henry4501255 69
Sigler, Josiah10007510 64
Shaw, George VV.500158120 60
Spangler, George W. 5501807 23
Sexton, Thomas.6496 43
Sexton, Mrs. Mary5505 45
Shumate, John.1101 09
Sloan, John7001007 92
Shaw, John of Henry5394112764 56
Sigler, John of John's heirs126012 48
Sommerville, William.2252 23
Shaw, Andrew B189251642203 62
Sexton, Mary A5004 95
Stidinger, Louisa.4003 96
Stewart, Henry120011 88
Shaw Henrv C400039 60
Sommerville, John N550 5 45
Santemere, Harrison.10009 90
Shell, William.1551 54
Sigler, Josiah7574
Shaw, George H125012 38
Sheenan, Daniel.2001 98
Stottlemyer, A. J.10099
Smith, John M8007 92
Shearer, David D.8501509 90
Stewart, Arthur300403 36
Shaw, Andrew B. guardian for
William E. Shaw.108010 69
H. C.Shaw108010 69
Mary E. Shaw.108010 69
Thomas, James2751233 94
Trenear, Henry G150073322 31
Trenear, John92054814 53
Travis, William1311 30
Thompson, Michael1201 19
Tibbetts, Ranson.120029814 83
Tichinell, Joshua150504 6 48
Tichinell, John M90052614 12
Tansy Patrick2001 98
Tichinell, Moses.4164 12


Page #:

County Commissioners of Allegany Co., Md.

Public domain


Collection Location:
Ruth Enlow Library, Oakland

Original Size:
19 x 12 cms

Publisher: Will H. Lowdermilk, Cumberland, MD

Tax assessment, Maryland, Allegany County; Tax assessment, Maryland, Garrett County

Allegany and Garrett Counties, Maryland, 1872

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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