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List of persons, copartnerships, and corporations assessed in the county tax for the year 1872 (- Ryan's Glades)

Allegany County tax records, 1872 Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information


Paugh, John3893 85
Perry, Thomas.120011 88
Phillips, John.423041 88
Pendleton, Philip712270 51
Pennington, J381037 72
Riley, George225025124 76
Riley, Thomas 1531 51
Riley, John G.3953 91
Roth, John H3502896 33
Roth, Henry W1501022 50
Roth, George.82245012 59
Roth, John.76249512 45
Ralph, William.130151917 84
Ridder, John.310075438 16
Rowland, Thos. adm'r. of Wm. Wright7507 43
Rinker, Nicholas.5044 99
Stoyer, John G1176133324 84
Stilley, Amos.80036811 56
Shaffer, John.175017 33
Stahl, Charles G 120043716 21
Shaffer, John Jr.3504407 82
Sanders, Henry G.4704 66
Shaffer, Andrew.2232 21
Stahl, John.3503 47
Shaffer, John M. B 1901 88
Smith, Geo. ex'r. of John Hoye475047 03
Shaffer, Benjamin F. & Lydia Wilt280027 72
Schley, Wm.368536 48
Thompson, Henry 7197 12
Thompson, Israel.210872706235 55
Tabb, Eliath C.7557 58
Thayer, J. M115811 47
Vanbibber, Andrew's heirs.271026 83
Waters, George J.141048418 75
Willis, William.6906 83
White, James H.90026411 53
Wilson, Wm J152828117 91
White, John M1100105221 31
Waltz, Wm. Y.1651 64
Wilson, Asa.110010 89
Wilson, Geo. W203836423 78
Wilson, Thomas390838 69
Wilson, Geo. W. ex'r. of Jas. Wilson4003 96
Yutzy, Jacob2520113436 18


Page #:

County Commissioners of Allegany Co., Md.

Public domain


Collection Location:
Ruth Enlow Library, Oakland

Original Size:
19 x 12 cms

Publisher: Will H. Lowdermilk, Cumberland, MD

Tax assessment, Maryland, Allegany County; Tax assessment, Maryland, Garrett County

Allegany and Garrett Counties, Maryland, 1872

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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