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List of persons, copartnerships, and corporations assessed in the county tax for the year 1872 (- Cumberland City)

Allegany County tax records, 1872 Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information


Reid, James of George.160015 84
Riehl, Barbara150014 85
Rink, Ann P10009 90
Russell, S. S. & J. B. Widener, ex'rs.400039 60
Ruppenkamp, Frederick10009 90
Rumph, John.7006 91
Robbins, Mrs. Fanny S.6758 66
Rizer, George S. adm'r. of Albert A. Rizer.197519 55
Shriver & Fundenburg.392638 87
Sommerkamp, C. F260025 74
Smith, Dr. S. P.259001575272 00
Shriver & Beall.300029 70
Shaffer, John W.2202 18
Shober, James M7006 93
Smith, Conrad220070028 71
Smith, Lewis.500086558 07
Sonneborn, Samuel135004295176 17
Steiner, Joshua90017510 04
Snyder, Jacob5050
Schilling, John. 5002006 93
Shuck, Jacob100011511 04
Shuck, Thomas6001056 98
Sires, Wm. T.7001057 97
Snively, Elizabeth8007 92
Sheets, Peter.10009 90
Schlund, Henry10009 90
Schuck, Eliza L10009 90
Schuck, Joseph2001 98
Schlund, George.200052024 95
Schilling, Frederick4504 46
Strong, Joseph M.8001529 43
Sanders Henrv110401160120 78
Steineman, Ulrich.210010021 78
Sheets, George.120011 88
Shaffer, George F.170016 83
Simpkins, Benjamin B.5420171060 69
Shaffer, Conrad120011012 97
Sammon, Thomas402525042 32
Shepherd, Amos P35006720101 18
Swartzwelder, Hale200040028 76
Shryer, George F.285031031 28
Seiss, J. Frank180425020 34
Stover, Harriet6001607 53
Steritt, Miss F. M.660080073 26
Sterett, Rebecca.100015 84
Snyder, Mary.7000130082 17
Startzman, Harrison.10009 90
Shuck, Maria.3503 47
Shuck, John H5004 95
Smenner, Martha A3000110540 64
Smenner, John's heirs.120011 88


Page #:

County Commissioners of Allegany Co., Md.

Public domain


Collection Location:
Ruth Enlow Library, Oakland

Original Size:
19 x 12 cms

Publisher: Will H. Lowdermilk, Cumberland, MD

Tax assessment, Maryland, Allegany County; Tax assessment, Maryland, Garrett County

Allegany and Garrett Counties, Maryland, 1872

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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