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Many Aged Veterans Present

Partial listing of veterans present Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information


Many Aged Veterans Present For Re-Enactment Of Battle

Soldiers of the North Greet Soldiers Of The South At Sharpsburg Anniversary Program
Events of '62 Relived.

Veterans of the Blue clasped hands with veterans of the Gray at what will be one of the last re-unions of the thinning ranks at Antietam Battlefield yesterday.

Approximately fifty veterans, soldiers of the South and soldiers of the North, attended the exercises. Many occupied places of honor in the presidential stand while others mingled with the crowds in the grandstands.

The bitterness of 75 years ago has disappeared and frequently men who fought for the South were
seen arm in arm with soldiers of the North.        
Eagerly the old soldiers, all past four score, and ten, watched the re-enactment of the Bloody Lane phase of the Battle of Antietam over the ground which many of them had traveled as young warriors three-quarters of a century ago. It was a day of pleasure for these aged men and after the program was concluded many expressed themselves as delighted with their visit here.
As the group sat and watched, their memories must have gone back to that fateful day in 1862 when the fields of Antietam were strewed with dead and dying companions. As they looked upon the peaceful scene of yesterday they must have drawn a wide contrast from that of 75 years ago when troops of the North met troops of the South in mortal combat.

The names of all the veterans present could not be obtained but among those at the exercises were the following:
George Leighty, Hancock, Md., one of the two remaining veterans of Washington county, who served with the 3rd regiment, Maryland Infantry.
Bazel Lemley, 95, Mt. Morris, Pa., served with 8th Pa., Reserves at Antietam.
Joseph Showalter, 2nd Brigade, Mansfield's Corps.
N. O. Woodruff, 93, Clark's Battery, First N. J., of Elizabeth, N. J.
Lorenzo F. McCracken, Pa., Regiment.
R. C. Brown, 106 Pa., Reg. Philadelphia Brigade.
Napoleon Bikelman, 93, 96 Pa., Regiment, last survivor of regiment.
Robert E. Miles, Otey, Va., 5th Reg., Confederate 21st Cavalry.
F. L. Mullinix, Westminster, Md., 7th Maryland Reg.
Thomas Barker, Bellmore, L. I., Battery C, 4th U. S. Artillery.
J. D. Dickerson, 93, Smithfield, Va., fought at Antietam, with Jackson's Brigade.
R. D. Parker, 91, Chicago, Co., C. 64th N. Y. Volunteers, Army of the Potomac, wounded in engagement at Bloody Lane.
B. F. Red, Clarksville, Va., First Sergeant at Antietam and wounded there. Served with Phillips' Georgia Legion, Worford's Brigade.
William B. Lovell, Clinton, Iowa, 12th U. S. Infantry, left on Antietam Battlefield for dead.
Edward Flickinger, 92, Dry Run, Pa., 11th Pennsylvania Reg., last survivor of Civil War from Franklin county.
James McDonald, Battle Creek, Mich., 7th Michigan Reg. Was shot four times in West Woods at Antietam and later discharged.
R. M. Colvin, Harrisonburg, Va., 11th Virginia Reg., Brigadier-General of the United Confederate Veterans.
Albert Hard, Rochester, N. Y., 32nd Ohio Volunteers, Rufus Brown, 106 Pa., Reg. Philadelphia Brigade. William H. Merkel, 16th Pa., Cavalry.
One of the few widows of Civil War veterans attending the exercises and sham battle at Antietam yesterday was Mrs. E. E. Stickley, Woodstock, Va., whose husband lost an arm in the Battle of Antietam.

One of the only colored Civil War veterans at Antietam yesterday so far as known was Albert Ray, 96, Hinton, Oklahoma, who served with the 44th Regiment, U. S. Infantry during the Civil War. He served in the South with the Regular Army.


Morning Herald

Herald-Mail Company

Used with permission of the Herald-Mail Company from microfilm in the Washington County Free Library

The Morning Herald included 20 in this list, plus Albert Ray, a "colored vet". R. C. Brown, 106 Pa., Reg. Philadelphia Brigade and Rufus Brown, 106 Pa., Reg. Philadelphia Brigade are probably the same person.

Many of these men the following year attended the Reunion at Gettysburg. George Leighty, Hancock, Md.; Francis Lincoln Mullinix, Westminster, Md.; Noah Ogden Woodruff, Elizabeth, N. J.; Thomas Barker, Bellmore, N.Y.; Albert Hard, Rochester, N. Y.; Albert Ray, Hinton, OK; Rufus Brown, Canton, Pa.; Edward Flickinger, Dry Run, Pa.; Bazel Lemley, Mt. Morris, Pa.; Lorenzo F. McCracken, Lancaster, Pa.; William Henry Merkel, Upper Darby, Pa.; Robert Mason Colvin, Harrisonburg, Va.; James D. Dickerson, Smithfield, Va.; Robert E. Miles, Shawsville, Va. are all listed in The Last Reunion of the Blue and Grey by Paul Ray.

The Washington Post story of September 17 noted:
Here for the commemoration at Sharpsburg are: Napoleon Bickelman, Ninety-sixth Pennsylvania Volunteers; Robert E Miles, Fifty-seventh Virginia Infantry; James D. Dickerman, “Stonewall" Jackson's Division; Henry Hopper, Ninth New Jersey Volunteers; Thomas Barker, Fourth Virginia Horse Cavalry; Sampson Main, First Maryland; Capt. Rhoderick Parker, Illinois; Noah O. Woodruff, First New Jersey Light Artillery; James McDonald, Seventh Michigan; Seth Jones, Thirteenth Illinois; Albert Hard, Thirty-second New York Volunteers; Francis L. Mullenix, Seventh Maryland; R. W. Colvin, Eleventh Virginia; James B. Rehard, Twenty-third West Virginia; B. F. Reed, Twelfth U. S. Infantry; W. B. Lovell, Third Arkansas; Joseph M. Showalter, 124th Pennsylvania Infantry; Bazel Lemley, 191st Pennsylvania Infantry; John H. Minning, Seventeenth Virginia: W. Taylor Reed, Forty-sixth Virginia Cavalry; A. C. Helsinger, A. J. Klinhart, New York Volunteers; Albert Ray, Forty-fourth Volunteers; Lorenza H. Merkel, Sixty eighth Pennsylvania Cavalry; William Devers, Thirty-fourth Ohio; Rufus Brown, 106th Pennsylvania Brigade


Collection Location:
Western Maryland Room, Washington County Free Library.

Antietam, Battle of, Md., 1862: Centennial celebrations, etc

Washington County (Md.), 1937.

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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