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Lessons in etiquette and a poem

Lessons in etiquette and a poem Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information



SINCE we, the Class of 1930, are practically educated, we take great pleasure in submitting these Lessons in Etiquette, and our most sincere wish is that these rules be carefully followed out by our suffering under classmates. The lessons are not difficult to follow and with all the wisdom and sagacity which we as Seniors possess, we heartily recommend the rules; and we are quite confident that Oakland High School will deeply be benefited if said laws are carried out to the utmost degree.

1. When changing classes, if a group is seen talking in the middle of the hall, always join the group and make every effort to be heard above the rest of the group. The fountains on the second and third floors are suggested as ideal places for "get-togethers."

2. Noise is desirable at all times. However, if bigger and better sounds wish to be obtained, this may be accomplished by inserting the small finger into the mouth and with little effort a sound is produced similar to a cork being forced from a bottle.

3. It is bad form to ever let the teacher have the last word in an argument. Even if the whole period must be sacrificed, keep arguing.

4. In classes when anything pleases or displeases you, show your approval or disapproval by clapping the hands, stamping the feet or whistling.

5. Don't be bored in classes. If you find this state coming on, stroll leisurely out of the class and present yourself to the electric clock, press the bell and relieve your bored sensation.

6. When study hall becomes quiet and it becomes necessary to trip a fellow students to relieve the monotony, always explain to the student when he gets up (if he is able) that you didn't mean to cause him physical pain due to the tripping, but merely did it to amuse the rest of the students.

7. When a drowsy feeling comes over one in classes, he should excuse himself to get a drink and go down street to one of the popular drinking fountains. The fresh air obtained while on the way will relieve drowsiness.

8. Snow balling should be practiced on the High School grounds whenever it snows. The sport is good exercise and it develops skill in judging distance.

9. While a teacher is talking one should always converse with his neighbor so as to let the speaker know that he is by no means monopolizing the whole conversation.

10. Never keep in line when passing through the halls, as it has too much of a militaristic value and it also cramps your style when wishing to slap somebody or hurl a book at said person.

Winter is too cold fer work;
Freezin' weather makes me shirk.
Spring comes on an' finds me wishin'
I could end my days a-fishin’
Then in Summer, when it's hot,
I say work kin go to pot.
Autumn days, so calm an' lazy,
Find me feelin' kind o' crazy—
That's the way the seasons run;
Seems I can't git nothin' done.
By A. L.


Page #:

Senior Class, Oakland High School


Collection Location:
Ruth Enlow Library, Oakland

Original Size:
27 x 19 cms

Sincell Printery

School yearbooks; Oakland (Md.)--Genealogy

Oakland (Md.), 1930

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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