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Thousands of people trying to see and touch Colonel Bernard Gonder, the brave aviator, who has recently returned from his trip to Mars; it has been necessary to call extra police help to keep the crowds back.

Barney was very industriously studying her history lesson when suddenly she looked up and asked: "Mr. Humbertson, what is beheaded?" "Why, beheaded is having the head cut off, of course." After a moment of thought, Barney suddenly exclaimed: "Well, then I guess defeat is having the feet cut off."

Miss Kraft who was given the children written exercises wrote this advertisement: Wanted—a milliner. Apply by letter to Miss Smith, 10 Bank Street. The children had to make application for the position. Louise Moon wrote—I saw you wanted a milliner. I hate to trim hats. Can't you get someone else? Please let me know at once.


Miss Kochenderfer on a diet.
Miss Kraft losing her temper in French class.
Miss Broadwater controlling Freshman boys.
Mr. Jenkins saying "Forty minutes."
Mr. Humbertson liking Nancy.
Mr. Speicher telling jokes.
Miss Engle with a girls' basketball team.
Mr. Graser having a date.
Miss Conley in the office alone.
Miss Rice being in a good humor.
Miss Fernald keeping her hair up.
Mr. Smith without his derby hat.
Miss Falkenstein cooking a meal.

John Stevenson, Lewis Lawton and Betty Hardesty were recently awarded gold medals in the recent Marathon Loafing Races, which were held in Vienna last week. These three popular young folks withstood the test and were voted the best and most efficient loafers of all the contestants.


"What is wrong with this sentence, children?" asked Miss Engle. "The horse and the cow is in the lot." Crystal spoke up: "The cow and the horse is in the lot." "What makes you correct it in that way, Crystal?" "The lady should be mentioned first," answered Crystal.

Saint Peter—"Who's there?" Helen Sollars—"It's me." Saint Peter—"Come in."


Saint Peter—"Who's there?" Wilmot Bowen—"It's me." Saint Peter—"Come in."


Saint Peter—"Who's there?" Voice—"It is I." Saint Peter—"It must be one of those pert teachers again.—Come in." And in walked Miss Kraft.

A certain girl in the Senior Commercial room wrote the following letter to a Corn Syrup Manufacturing Company: Dear Sirs:—I have eaten three cans of your corn syrup and it has not helped my corns one bit. Yours very truly, G. W. N.


Page #:

Senior Class, Oakland High School


Collection Location:
Ruth Enlow Library, Oakland

Original Size:
27 x 19 cms

Sincell Printery

School yearbooks; Oakland (Md.)--Genealogy

Oakland (Md.), 1930

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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