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One Friday afternoon at four,
As I chanced by the office door,
Miss Conley stood with glittering eye.
She drew me in. I thought I'd die.

I quickly sank into a chair.
She caught my arm and said, "Sit there!"
With shivers I did glance around.
The faculty—all— were there, I found.

Miss Engle sat, a young, sweet dame,
(For her to teach, was sure a shame.)
"0 dear", I heard her sadly say,
"I wish my lowest mark were "A".

Between two ladies, Foster sat,
His face was red and round and fat,
His eyes did glisten with a kind of pride,
Which made me feel quite good inside.

Miss Kochenderfer was present, too,
With rosy cheeks and eyes of blue.
Her hair was curly, her smile was sweet.
At her hands gladly my fate I'd meet.

And Arthur sat so slick and neat
With polished shoes on trim small
He was our typing teacher, dear.
Of him, of course, I had no fear.

Miss Fernald next, with snapping eyes,
A surprise for me, they advertised.
She gave me a quick, short, snappy glance
I wished I were in the woods with the plants.

Mr. Smith, that good natured, kindly man
Who delights in giving a Physics exam,
Sat smiling as happy as he could be.
I wondered why. I just couldn't see.

Miss Kraft entered with masculine stride.
She seated herself by Miss Engle's side.
A merry twinkle was in her eye.
And I took courage and heaved a sigh.

Then Mr. .Jenkins I happened to note,
And Mr. Graser in his new spring coat.
I couldn't make out what they thought of me
Brought to the office! The disgrace of it! Me!

Miss Falkenstein and Miss Broadwater, too,
Gave me a look that made me feel "blue."
While Miss Rice just put on a grin.
Between them all, I felt like a pin.

Then all of a sudden Miss Conley arose.
She said, "Here's the wonder (ley) of
High School who goes
Into the Soph year with a card full of A's
Greet him, oh Teachers, don't look in a daze!"

"O Willie, O William, 0 Billy", each said.
"A wonder of Wonderleys, is this quiet lad.
A card full of A's all thru the year,
Think of this marvel and be of good cheer!"

And this was the cause of my first office call.
To meet the Faculty, be congratulated by all.
I'm glad they were pleased with my work thru the year.
And my card full of A's I shall hold very dear.

This poem dedicated by the Seniors to William Wonderly, the Freshman Wonder.


Page #:

Senior Class, Oakland High School


Collection Location:
Ruth Enlow Library, Oakland

Original Size:
27 x 19 cms

Sincell Printery

School yearbooks; Oakland (Md.)--Genealogy

Oakland (Md.), 1930

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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