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Student directory - continued

Student directory - continued Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information


Dennis Colaw - Crellin, Md
Charles Davis - Oakland, Md
Reginald Ford - Mt Lake Park, Md
Carroll Forman - Oakland, Md
Willard Gibson - Mt Lake Park, Md
Kenneth Graves - Oakland, Md
Wilmer Graves - Oakland, Md
Ward Hinebaugh - Oakland, Md
Lewis Jones - Oakland, Md
Arthur Lawton - Oakland, Md
Robert Lohr - Oakland, Md
Edward Markley - Oakland, Md
Edward Maroney - Oakland, Md
Edwin Michael - Oakland, Md
Donald Moore - Mt Lake Park, Md
William Naylor - Oakland, Md
Eugene Nordeck - Oakland, Md
James Nordeck - Oakland, Md
Richard Roy Kempton, Md
Walter Shreves - Oakland, Md
Donald Stemple - Oakland, Md
Joseph Sollars - Oakland, Md
David Walter - Oakland, Md
Lewis Wildman - Mt Lake Park, Md
Cecelia Kerins - Oakland, Md
Catherine Baker - Hutton, Md
Wava Bittinger - Crellin, Md
Elizabeth Broadwater - Oakland, Md
Marian Brock - Mt Lake Park, Md
Alice Butt - Oakland, Md
Thelma Devers___ - Oakland, Md , R D 2
Bernice DeWitt - Oakland, Md
Willavene DeWitt - Oakland, Md
Evelyn Dixon - Oakland, Md
Annie Durst - Oakland, Md
Winona Fike - Oakland, Md
Emma Filsinger - Deer Park, Md
Margaret Fraley - Oakland, Md
Nellie Friend Hutton, Md
Helen Giessman - Oakland, Md
Clara Bell Hamill - Oakland, Md
Mildred Hamill - Deer Park, Md
Nelle Helbig - Oakland, Md
Helen Hinebaugh - Oakland, Md
Isabel Hoye - Oakland, Md
Nellie Johnson - Swanton, Md
Ruby Iman - Oakland, Md
Kathleen Jessee - Mt Lake Park, Md
Mary Lambert - Oakland, Md
Lovena Landis - Deer Park, Md
Marie Lantz - Crellin, Md
Virgie Lee - Oakland, Md
Gladys Lewis - Crellin, Md
Gladys Markley - Hutton, Md
Maxine Martin - Oakland, Md
Mary Lynn Mclntire - Oakland, Md
Alice Mellott Hutton, Md
Martha Miller - Oakland, Md
Martha Mitchell - Oakland, Md
Mae Nethkin Hutton, Md
Mona O'Brien - Swanton, Md
Myrtle O'Brien - Swanton, Md
Rose Paugh - Deer Park, Md
Virginia Paulie - Hutton, Md
Mary Pysell - Deer Park, Md
Ruth Ream - Mt Lake Park, Md
Bessie Roth - Oakland, Md
Virginia Roth - Oakland, Md
Leola Roy - Mt Lake Park, Md
Mary Schmidt - Swanton, Md
Mary Sisk - Mt Lake Park, Md
Vida Smith - Crellin, Md
Mary Sollars - Deer Park, Md
Adeline Stuck - Oakland, Md
Wilma Stahl - Crellin, Md
Thelma Swearingen - Mt Lake Park, Md
Ruth Swires - Mt Lake Park, Md
Daisy Uphold - Hutton, Md
Gertrude Uphold - Hutton, Md
Alice Walter - Oakland, Md
Norma Welling - Oakland, Md
Mary Frances Yutzy - Oakland, Md


Morgan Adams - Crellin, Md
Robert Altstetter - Oakland, Md
Everett Ashby - Oakland, Md
Harland Beckman - Oakland, Md
Harold Bittinger - Oakland, Md R D 2
Charles Bowman - Crellin, Md
Ray Durst - Oakland, Md , R D 1
Earl Fitzwater - Swanton, Md
Hugh Frazee - Oakland, Md
Clyde Gnegy - Mt Lake Park, Md
Boyd Hardesty Hutton, Md
Harold Hauser - Oakland, Md
Robert Hauser - Oakland, Md , R D l
Carl Helbig - Oakland, Md
William Helbig - Oakland, Md
Lawrence Hinebaugh - Deer Park, Md
Wilbur Holler - Oakland, Md
Gilbert Right - Oakland, Md
Charles King - Deer Park, Md
Fred King - Oakland, Md
Ralph Leighton - Oakland, Md
Darrel Martin - Oakland, Md
George Mellott - Hutton, Md
Cecil Miller - Oakland, Md , R D 2
Ivan Miller - Oakland, Md
Lambert Ramsey - Oakland, Md
Carl Ridder - Red House, Md
Paul Riley - Oakland, Md , R D 2
Gordon Sanders - Oakland, Md , R D 1
George Schmidt - Oakland, Md , R D 1
James Sebold - Deer Park, Md , R D l
Floyd Shaffer - Oakland, Md , R D 1
Weaver Skipper - Sines, Md
Earle Spoerlein - Oakland, Md , R D 2
Clarence Tasker - Swanton, Md
Stanley Taylor - Oakland, Md , R D 2
William Taylor - Gortner, Md
Madison Tucker - Mt Lake Park, Md
Charles Wagner - Swanton, Md , R D 1
Graden Wilson - Deer Park, Md


Page #:

Senior Class, Oakland High School


Collection Location:
Ruth Enlow Library, Oakland

Original Size:
27 x 19 cms

Sincell Printery

School yearbooks; Oakland (Md.)--Genealogy

Oakland (Md.), 1930

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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