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Student directory - continued

School directory - continued Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information


William Wonderly - Mt. Lake Park, Md.
Harrison Wright - Swanton, Md.
Burton Ashby - Crellin, Md.
Glen Ashby - Crellin, Md.
Lee Ashby - Crellin, Md.
Dale Ashby - Crellin, Md.
Delbert Bittinger - Mt. Lake Park, Md.
Harland Bittinger . Mt. Lake Park, Md.
Philip Bowman - Crellin, Md.
Cheston Browning - Oakland, Md.
Maurice Butler - Oakland, Md.
George Butz - Oakland, Md.
Verl Carskadon - Crellin, Md.
James Compton - Mt. Lake Park, Md.
Harley Dawson - Crellin, Md.
Walter Dawson - Oakland, Md.
Robert Glaze - Oakland, Md.
Richard Gonder - Oakland, Md.
Stuart Hamill - Oakland, Md.
Bruce Harvey - Deer Park, Md.
Calvin Harvey - Deer Park, Md.
Charles Hardesty - Mt. Lake Park, Md.
Schell Hoye - Oakland, Md.
Waller Hoye - Oakland, Md.
Theodore Henline - Crellin, Md.
Harold Hinebaugh - Crellin, Md.
Raymond Iman - Oakland, Md.
Kenneth Lawton - Oakland, Md.
Austin McRobie - Oakland, Md.
Ray Miller - Oakland, Md.
Gilbert Moomaw - Mt. Lake Park, Md.
Humbird Offutt - Oakland, Md.
Joe Bill Ours - Oakland, Md.
Fred. Peddicord - Oakland, Md.
Joseph Rice - Oakland, Md.
Ray Sauers - Oakland, Md.
Woodrow Steiding - Oakland, Md.
Leroy Stewart - Oakland, Md.
George Stuck - Oakland, Md.
Lambert Thrasher - Deer Park, Md.
James Treacy - Oakland, Md.
Woodrow Warnick - Deer Park, Md.
Earl Wolf Oakland, Md.
Alberta Adams - Oakland, Md.
Vera Adams - Oakland, Md.
Lillian Ashby - Oakland, Md.
Eleanor Baker - Hutton, Md.
Gladys Baker - Swanton, Md.
Jaunita Barnard - Swanton, Md.
Mary Susan Bell - Oakland, Md.
Louise Bernard - Oakland, Md.
Elizabeth Browning - Oakland, Md.
Pauline Browning - Terra Alta, W. Va.
Rebecca Browning - Oakland, Md.
Eleanor Butler - Oakland, Md.
Mary Emily Butt - Oakland, Md.
Emily Casteel - Oakland, Md.
Inez Callis - Mt. Lake Park, Md.
Mary Campbell - Deer Park, Md.
Ruth Campbell - Deer Park, Md.
Mary Compton - Oakland, Md.
Lucie Anna Conner - Deer Park, Md.
Violet Crisinger - Hutton, Md.
Oma DeBerry - Deer Park, Md.
Maxine DeWitt - Oakland, Md.
Winifred DeWitt - Deer Park, Md.
Geraldine Feather - Oakland, Md.
Virginia Fraley - Oakland, Md.
Lola Fresh - Oakland, Md.
Josephine Friend - Sang Run, Md.
Mary Kathryn Forman - Oakland, Md.
Janice Graham - Crellin, Md.
Charlotte Harris - Swanton, Md.
Irene Hammond
Carlyn Herman - Swanton, Md.
Mildred Hershberger - Oakland, Md.
Elizabeth Hoye .Sang Run, Md.
Margaret Hoye - Sang Run, Md.
Miriam Hoye - Sang Run, Md.
Yvonne Hoye - McHenry, Md.
Nellie Holtschneider - Deer Park, Md.
Idella Johnston - Swanton, Md.
Marguerite Junkins - Mt. Lake Park, Md.
Iva Keefer - Oakland, Md.
Evelyn Kight - Oakland, Md.
Myrtle Lower - Mt. Lake Park, Md.
Nellie Mayle - Terra Alta, W. Va.
Catherine Moon - Oakland, Md.
Clara Moon - Oakland, Md.
Evelyn Moon - Deer Park, Md.
Louise Moon - Mt. Lake Park, Md.
Bertha Moreland - Gormania, W. Va.
Elizabeth Mosser - Deer Park, Md.
Virginia Mosser - Oakland, Md.
Mary Murphy - Swanton, Md.
Annie O'Haver - Oakland, Md., R .D. 1.
Helen O'Haver - Oakland, Md., R. D. 1.
Dorothy Paugh - Oakland, Md.
Glenna Paugh - Deer Park, Md.
Maxine Paulie - Hutton, Md.
Thelma Rexroad - Crellin, Md.
Lois Ross - Oakland, Md.
Audry Sanders - Oakland, Md.
Bernice Sanders - Crellin, Md.
Burldene Sanders - Crellin, Md.
Dortha Saunders - Hutton, Md.
Beulah Savage - Sang Run, Md.
Irma Savedge - Mt. Lake Park, Md.
Mary Louise Savage - Sang Sun, Md.
Helen Schlossnagel - Oakland, Md.
Martha Scott - Hutton, Md.
Nellie Sharpless - Swanton, Md.
Glenda Smith - Oakland, Md.
Kathryn Speicher - Deer Park, Md.
Genevieve Sweeney - Oakland, Md.
Margaret Tillet - Oakland, Md.
Katherine Wagner - Deer Park, Md.
Nellie Wagner - Swanton, Md.
Catherine White - Hutton, Md.
Leona Wilt - Crellin, Md.
Geneva Winters - Oakland, Md.
Evelyn Wolfe - Oakland, Md.
Melvina Wolfe - Oakland, Md.
Rose Wright - Swanton, Md


Page #:

Senior Class, Oakland High School


Collection Location:
Ruth Enlow Library, Oakland

Original Size:
27 x 19 cms

Sincell Printery

School yearbooks; Oakland (Md.)--Genealogy

Oakland (Md.), 1930

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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