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Greatest attraction ever presented

 Promotional ad for balloon ascensions and descents performed by a Professor Harry Gilbert and Miss Loiuse Bates Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information


The Greatest Attraction ever Presented

Parachute Descent FROM A BALLOON.

Miss Louise Bates.

The only lady in the world that has ever accomplished the DARING FEAT OF DESCENDING TO THE EARTH FROM
A Balloon a Mile High.

This lady's services can be secured for this wonderfully attractive exhibition, by addressing her manager and instructor,

Miss Loiuse Bates is the Heroine of 124 BALLOON ASCENSIONS

She is without doubt the most daring lady aeronaut in the world.


Miss Bates is by no means a novice in Balloon Ascensions. She has made up to the present time (May 25,1888) 124 Ascensions. She is petite and pretty, and appears a mere child, both in her actions and talk. She is enthusiastic over her work, and looks forward to her 125th ascension with pleasurable anticipations. She was busily engaged yesterday with needle and thread, working on the parachute, which she will use, and laughingly said: "I am to be the first woman in the world to alight from a balloon in this way, and I know I will succeed without accident. I am not in the least nervous about the result, and am not only willing but eager to make the trip"-Globe Democrat, St. Louis, Mo.

Miss Louise Bates is 20 years of age, looks much younger, and is a petite beauty of the most fascinating address -
Critic, St. Louis, Mo.

Miss Bates is a very small woman, less than 5 feet high, and weighing only 100 pounds. She has brown hair and light eyes, and her prominent features indicate the courage and nerve, which enable her to face such dangers as an aeronaut must encounter. But fear she does not seem to know, she talks merrily about her 124 ascensions, and does not seem to think any more of going up in a balloon than any one else does of walking on the street-Republican, St. Louis Mo.

The greatest attraction of the day was the Balloon Ascension, made by Miss Louise Bates. The little lady ascended fully a mile high, and passing over the city, landed about a mile beyond. This exhibition excited the admiration of all beholders. The nerve and daring displayed by Miss Bates was truly wonderful.-News,Dallas,Tex.

Major G.C. Connor, of Chattanooga, Tenn., says:
Prof. HARRY GILBERT, Aeronaut.
It affords me pleasure to state that the Ascension made by you on July 4th, was entirely satisfactory in every respect, and gave universal pleasure. I will further state that your intercourse with myself and the Committee of Celebration was most agreeable, and we shall be glad to welcome you again to our city.
Very yours truly,

Prof. Gilbert was Donaldson's partner for fifteen years, and is a skillful and reliable balloonist. -Post, Washington, D.C.

The Balloon Ascension of Prof. Gilbert from the Exposition Grounds yesterday afternoon was the most successful that has ever been made in this city.-Pittsburg Leader.

Prof. Harry Gilbert will pilot his air-ship to Cloudland with that remarkable skill which has won him such an enviable reputation throughout the country.-Courier Journal, Louisville, Ky.

Prof. Gilbert is a thoroughly reliable aeronaut.-Cincinnati Enquirer.

America's Greatest Aeronaut
For Expositions, Fairs, Festivals, Celebrations, etc., etc.

In fact almost anything in the way of an attraction for any celebration or gathering, I am prepared to furnish if you will state your wants.

Either Gas or Hot Air.

Terms made known on Application.

Should the weather prove unfavorable, for Balloon Ascension on the date arranged for, or should any cause arise necessitating a postponement, the Ascension is to take place as soon as possible thereafter, and upon the same terms or if this cannot be, then Prof. Gilbert is to receive on-half of the amount agreed upon.

Notice.-I have two chariots for racing purposes to rent.

For Full Particulars, Address, HARRY GILBERT,
No. 317 West 8th, Cincinnati O.


Louise Bates, Harry Gilbert

Illustrations of various balloons and printed ad featuring brief testionials of their daring feats.


Collection Location:
Allegany County Library

Original Size:
23.8cm x 15cm

Entertainers; History (Md.)

Eastern United States, 1889

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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