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BEALL, SUSAN UHL continued

almost to touch the period of the downfall of the great Napoleon, and, of course, experimental government in France has been of but recent date. Within her life time Italy has won her fight for liberty, and the Crimean War, with its horrors, and also the Franco-Prussian war has been fought. Within the life time of this good woman Christianity has put forth her most aggressive missionary efforts for the conquest of the world.
But the greatness of this woman's life consists not in the length of her days, but in the beauty of her character. Those who knew her best say that she was always gentle, sweet, patient, kind, loving, affectionate.
If at her death she had endowed the church with some great improving public buildings it would have been a fine thing for the city, but in her life of over 90 years, she has left the community in the gift of real womanhood something better than what men's hands made with brick and mortar.
If at her death she could have left her sons great fortunes it would have been a meritorious act, but in the legacy of a fair name and the recollection of a Christian home and the sweet memory of a real mother's love she has given them something far better than silver and gold.
When our loved ones leave us we would like to call in some famous artist and have him paint for us a full length portrait of the departed that we might hang it upon the walls of our home so that we could go and gaze upon it at our pleasure. I present today to these sons and to all who mourn, a full length portrait of this good woman. If you will turn to the Holy Scriptures and read the XXXI chap. of the Book of Proverbs, beginning with the 10th verse, you will see her portrait painted by a master hand.” [CET 1-27-1913]

b. November 12, 1904
d. January 14, 1905
a. 2ms. 2 dys.

“Saturday, January 14, 1905, an infant, aged 3 months, child of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Bean, Loo St.” [FMJ 1-21-1905]

Notice of Miss Bean's death was also found in SPL.

d. ? 15, 1847

The death month on her headstone is unreadable. See Bell Family Chart in Chapter 5.

(son of JOHN HENRY and Magdalina BEPLER)
b. November 15, 1844
d. January 30, 1877
a. 32 yrs. 2 ms. 15 dys.

“Died—On Tuesday morning, Jan. 30, 1877, at ten o’clock, at his residence in this place, Charles Bepler, aged 32 years, 2 months and 15 days. Mr. Bepler had been confined to his house for more than a year, his disease growing gradually worse. His sufferings were sustained with christian fortitude and resignation. As a businessman and citizen he was highly esteemed, and in his death the community incurs the loss of a young man of exceptional worth. He was unmarried. The funeral took place at the M.E. Church and the remains were interred in the cemetery on the hill yesterday afternoon.” [FMJ 2-3-1877, p. 3]

Mr. Bepler is included on Scharf's list of Percy Cemetery burials.

(father of CHARLES BEPLER)
b. October 13, 1826
d. August 18, 1891
a. 64 yrs. 10 ms. 5 dys.

“Died. At the residence of his son, W.H. Bepler, Tuesday, August 18, 1891, Henry Bepler, aged 64 years, 10 months and 5 days. Deceased was a Prussian by birth; came to this country in 1840, and had been a resident of Frostburg about 40 years. About 18 years ago he was Mayor of the town one term. The funeral took place yesterday morning at the residence where he died. Rev. W. W. Van Arsdale officiating. Interment in the old graveyard.” [FMJ 8-22-1891, p. 3]

b. 1852
d. November 2, 1926
a. 74

“Two Frostburg Men Meet Sudden Death. Two sudden deaths occurred in this city last night, both victims having been found dead in bed this morning. They are E. Lee Moore, 28 years old, son of Mrs. Emma Moore, 62 Aspinall street, and John Bethke, 70 years old, 27 Bowery...Mr. Bethke was discovered dead by his wife, Mrs. Catharine Bethke. Bethke, for many years, had been engaged in the tailoring business at the Bowery street address. Funeral services will be held Friday afternoon, the Rev. Paul A. Weidley, pastor of St. Paul’s Lutheran church, officiating.” [CET 11-3-1926, p. 13]

Notice of Mr. Bethke's death and funeral was also located in SPL.

b. February 1818
d. October 7, 1898
a. 80 yrs. 9 ms.

“Mrs. Ann Biddington, relict of Thomas Biddington, deceased, native of Glouschestershire, England, aged 80 years, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. August Kreiling, Friday October 7, 1898. Three sons and one daughter survive. Mrs. B. came to Frostburg 28 years ago from England and has resided here ever since. Funeral was held at the residence of August Kreiling Sunday.” [FMJ 10-15-1898, p. 3]

Notice of Mrs. Biddington's death and funeral also located in SJE.

b. February 19, 1906
d. July 9, 1934
a. 28

“Investigate Death of Frank Biddington. Frostburg Man Killed When Runaway Automobile Hits Guardrail on Highway. An inquest was scheduled to be held at 8 o’clock tonight by the County Coroner into the death of Frank Biddington, 28 years old, who was instantly killed late last night when hurled from a wrecked automobile on Big Savage Mountain. His neck was broken.
Christian Yammer, driver of the car, received only minor injuries and was taken to Miners’ Hospital where he was treated for bruises, cuts and burns.
Biddington was thrown from the rumble seat of the car as it struck a guard rail. The machine overturned and caught fire.
Yammer, a saw mill operator at Jennings, Md., was pinned underneath the machine until motorists righted the burning car and extricated him. A pet dog of Biddington in the machine escaped, his hair burned. It ran into the woods and disappeared.
Yammer told the investigating officers that Biddington asked for a ride and got in his machine at Hill Top Inn west of Frostburg. Yammer said he lost control of his machine descending the mountain grade. Members of the Frostburg Fire Department, who were summoned, extinguished the fire which was enveloping the automobile.
Biddington was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Biddington, and lived with his parents here. He is also survived by two brothers, Martin and William Biddington.
The authorities learned that Biddington had left early in the afternoon with his dog, met another man, and that the two went hunting for goundhogs in Garrett county.
A party of tourists composed of Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Marchant, Follensbee, W. Va., their son, Walter, who was driving; a friend, Miss Isabelle Kerr of Wellsboro, W. Va., and Misses Marian and Beatrice Marchant, daughters, were eyewitnesses to the accident.
They told the investigating officers that they saw the Yammer car out of control or driven recklessly, descending the hill and at the foot of Savage Mountain, at a culvert, the machine suddenly crashed into the guard rail. The machine burst into flames, which shot across the roadway. The wrecked machine then swerved across the highway, sidewiping [sic] the Marchant car, tearing off their luggage on the running board, and finally turned over on the highway. The Marchant party had to remain over night in Frostburg while their car was repaired.” [CET 7-10-1934, p. 11]

“Driver Held on Bond in Biddington Death. Coroner‘s Jury Told Victim Boarded Yammer‘s Car Despite Owner's Objection. A coroner’s jury empaneled here last night to investigate the death of Frank Biddington, 28, killed in an automobile accident on Big Savage Mountain, early Monday night, recommended that Christian Yammer, sawmill operator of Jennings, Garrett county, Md., driver of the death car, be held under $1,000 bond for action of the grand jury at the October term of Circuit Court. Bond was furnished by Harry Yammer of Grantsville, a relative.
The jury, after hearing a number of witnesses, returned a verdict holding that: ‘Frank Biddington came to his death from a broken neck and other injuries received when he jumped or was hurled from an automobile being operated in a reckless manner by Christian Yammer.’
Members of the jury were: Julius Abramson, Frederick Wehner, George Gunter, Owen L. Porter, Charles McNeil, E.J. Donahue, Otto Hohing, John Stevenson, John McGraw, George Kennedy, John Geis, Jr. and Frank Powers.
The inquest was in charge of County Coroner who with State’s Attorney William A. Huster questioned the following witnesses: Harry E. Marchant and Walter Marchant of Follensbee, W. Va.; Franklin W. Kremer of Cumberland; Earl McClearly and Frank Mattingly of Frostburg; Miss Katherine Pugh of Garrett county; Sergeant John W. Kreis and Officer W.C. McVey of the Maryland State Police.
Testimony of witnesses revealed that Biddington and Carl Arnold went from Frostburg into Garrett county about 2 p.m., Monday on a truck owned and operated by Earl McCleary. Upon their return from a hunting trip, Biddington and Arnold met Yammer at Hilltop Inn in Garrett county.
Miss Catherine Pugh, an employe [sic] at the Inn, testified she sold Yammer a bottle of beer. She further testified that Yammer didn’t want Biddington or Arnold to ride to Frostburg with him, after they previously had refused to return in McCleary’s truck.
Yammer’s refusal to haul the men, according to Miss Pugh’s testimony, angered Arnold and he struck Yammer in the face, rolled him over in the road and returned to his car and turned the ignition. She also testified that when Yammer started for Frostburg about 6:30 p.m., Biddington stood on the running board of the machine, threw his pet bull dog into the rumble seat and then climbed in beside the animal. Arnold, she testified, did not get on the Yammer machine but thumbed a ride with another motorist, stating he was going only as far as the Finzel road on the National Highway.
Franklin W. Kremer, insurance agent of Cumberland, testified he pulled Yammer from the burning machine after it had crashed at Sand Spring and that he saw a dog leap from the burning machine and flee to the woods. He said he took Yammer to the hospital and later had his hand dressed, which was cut by the broken windshield as he attempted to extricate the driver.
Funeral Services for Frank Biddington, victim of Monday night’s automobile accident, will be held Thursday at 2:30 p.m., at the home at Sand Spring, near where the accident occurred. Rev. Walter V. Simon, pastor of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church will officiate. Interment will be in the Biddington family plot in Percy cemetery.
He was unmarried.” [CET 7-11-1934, p. 7]

“Frank Biddington Rites. Funeral services for Frank Biddington, aged 28, son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Biddington, killed Monday evening, near his home on the Sand Spring Hill, in a motor accident, were held yesterday afternoon. Rev. J.C. Spindler, Capon Bridge, W. Va., former pastor of Grace M.E. Church South, conducted the services and preached the funeral discourse.
The flowerbearers were John Gribbitts [sic], Michael Taccino, [?] Ruffo, Orville Robinson, Charles Ralston and Joseph Elrick; pallbearers: John Rainey, Bernard Harden, Earl and Clarence Griffith, Woodrow Arnold and Oren Crosby. The services were largely attended. Interment was in the family lot in the Percy cemetery.” [CET 7-13-1934, p. 15]

b. June 1848
d. January 19, 1927
a. 78

“Mr. Mylson J. Biddington married Miss Helen E. Atkinson, daughter of Henry R. Atkinson, Esq., of Allegany County. They were married at the residence of the bride's father Tuesday, July 17, 1877, by Rev. D.L. McKenzie.” [FMJ 4-28-1877]

“Mylson Biddington, 75, Native of England, Dead. Mylson Biddington, aged 75 years, died at his home on the National Road, yesterday morning at 6:30 o’clock from old age complications. He had been an invalid for 2 years. Mr. Biddington was born in England and came to Frostburg 55 years ago. Until fifteen years ago he worked as a coal miner. Surviving are his widow, Mrs. Ellen Biddington, one son, Samuel Biddington, and one daughter, Mrs. Albert Boyer, all of Frostburg. Funeral services will be conducted tomorrow afternoon from the residence, Rev. Paul A. Weidley, pastor of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church officiating. Interment will be in the Percy cemetery.” [CET 1-20-1927, p. 14]


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Anthony E. Crosby and Michael R. Olson


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Frostburg, Md

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Cemeteries, Maryland, Frostburg; Obituaries, Maryland, Frostburg. .

Frostburg (Md.), 1800-1972

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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