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Obituaries - Bruce

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(brother of HELEN BRUCE)
b. August 1785
d. November 3, 1858
a. 73 yrs. 3 ms.

“He was the son of Andrew Bruce, Sr. who, as an Associate Judge, presided at the first court held in Allegany County on April 25, 1791. George was also the brother of Andrew Bruce, Jr. (1793-1838) who served as Allegany County sheriff from 1822 to 1825 and who was elected to the Maryland House of Delegates in 1832. George Bruce served as the Allegany County Register of Wills from February 12, 1805 to October 6, 1818. He held the office of sheriff of Allegany County from 1819 to 1822 (succeeded by his brother), and was elected to the Maryland State Legislature in 1823 serving through 1824. George Bruce’s first wife was Rachel Tomlinson, the daughter of Jesse Tomlinson of Little Meadows. (Jesse built the Tomlinson Inn in 1818 along the National road in present day Garrett County about three miles east of Grantsville. This stone house was one of the earliest inns along the road. Tomlinson was also the area postmaster and served numerous terms as a Maryland State Legislator in the early 1800’s.) Rachel Bruce died in 1843. George later married [Margaret K. Hoffman] in 1846. Among the children of George and Rachel Bruce were William, Jesse, Elizabeth, George, Jr. , Henry, and John Jesse who was a physician in Cumberland at the time of his death in 1884 at the age of 55. The Bruces resided on a farm near Little Meadows [which] Jesse had given his daughter as a wedding gift. (George relocated to Frostburg upon his second marriage.) The Bruce home was a large log house about a mile south of the National Road. It was destroyed by fire in about 1894. George and Rachel were described as excellent parents. In later descriptions, George was characterized as being ‘noble,’ and Rachel Bruce as ‘simply faultless.’” [provided by Al Feldstein]

b. 1822
d. March 9, 1853
a. 31

See Bruce Family Chart in Chapter 5.

(sister of GEORGE BRUCE)
b. July 29, 1772
d. May 19, 1841
a. 68 yrs. 9 ms. 21 dys

“IN ALLEGANY COUNTY COURT SITTING AS A COURT OF EQUITY. Symmes C.H. McChesney, Margaret his wife, and Andrew Bruce and others vs. George Bruce and Catharine Calmes and others. The object of this suit is to obtain a decree for the sale of certain real estate in Allegany county, of which Helen Bruce, deceased, died seized and possessed.
The Bill states that sometime since one Helen Bruce died, leaving large and valuable real estate, lying and being in Allegany county, State of Maryland—that she died leaving the following named persons her heirs at law, to wit:—George Bruce, a brother of said Helen; Catharine Calmes, a sister of said Helen; Normand Bruce also a brother; Daniel C. Bruce, a nephew, being a son of Wm. Bruce, deceased; Francis Bruce a son of Francis Bruce, also a brother of said Helen; Margaret (wife of Symmes C.H. McChesney;) William Bruce and Andrew Bruce, children of Charles Bruce, deceased, also a brother of said Helen; and Ann Bruce, deceased, also a sister, who has since the death of said Helen, died intestate, leaving her brothers and sister, nephews and nieces, her heirs at law.
The bill also states that the said Helen died intestate as to said real estate, and died also leaving a large amount of personal property amounting in value to several thousand dollars—that she died also leaving several negroes—that said George Bruce the person named as executor of the last will and testament of said Helen, has obtained letters testamentary on said estate, and settled accounts filed in the Orphan's Court of Allegany county, consisting of property devised by said Helen's will.
The bill also states that the complainants insist and contend that the will of said Helen Bruce, so far as it regards the land and real estate of said Helen, is inoperative and of non-effect, which said will is exhibited here, to the Court by said Complainants.
The bill also states that it would be to the advantage of those entitled thereto, if the said real estate of which the said Helen died intestate, were to be sold and the proceeds distributed to those entitled to the same;—and the bill prays that, a decree may be passed authorizing the sale of said real estate by a Trustee to be appointed for that purpose;—that the Complainants with others are heirs of said Helen, and entitled to their respective shares of said real estate.
The bill also states that Andrew Bruce, son of Normand Bruce; Helen Bruce, who intermarried with one Michael Buckey; and Barbara Bruce, who has intermarried with James O. Carson; and William Bruce, reside out of the State of Maryland and beyond the reach of the process of Allegany County Court sitting as a Court of Enquiry; and also that said George, Catharine, Daniel, Ellen, Barbara and Andrew of Normand, claim said land as described in said will, and the complainants in said bill contend that they are entitled as heirs at law.
It is therefore ordered and adjudged, that the Complainants, by causing a copy of this order to be inserted in some newspaper published at Cumberland, once in each successive week for one month before the 20th day of January next, give notice to the said absent defendants of the object and substance of this bill, and warn them to appear in this Court in person or by solicitor,


Page #:

Anthony E. Crosby and Michael R. Olson


Collection Location:
Frostburg, Md

Original Size:
28 x 22 cms

Cemeteries, Maryland, Frostburg; Obituaries, Maryland, Frostburg. .

Frostburg (Md.), 1800-1972

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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