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Miss Louise Bate's Exhibition

 This letter from Harry Gilbert to R.W. McMichael concerns whether Mr. McMichael intends to secure the services of Miss Bates for an exhibtion and the necessary terms for the event.

Two newspaper articles which attest to Miss Bates feats in her balloon ascensions and descents in a parachute Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information



1010 Pacific St.
Brooklyn, N.Y. Aug. 28, 1889.

R.W. McMichael, Esq.
Chairman Amusement Committee
Cumberland, Md.

Dear Sir,

I beg leave to call your attention to the back of this sheet also to the notices I enclose of Miss Bates' exhibitions. Should you desire her services, an immediate reply will be necessary. Terms made known if you wish her to give one or more exhibitions.

Yours very respectfully,

Harry Gilbert

Address as above

Rockaway Beach Review.
Saturday, August 10, 1889.
Address all communications to Henry Hall, Publisher, Holland Station, or 64 South 6th St., Brooklyn, N.Y.

The Balloon Ascension at Rockaway Beach.

Fully twenty thousand people witnessed the balloon ascension by Miss Louise Bates, the young and daring aeronaut, last Wednesday Afternoon. The balloon was inflated with hot air in the rear of the museum, and when all was ready Miss Bates stepped into the basket and gave the signal to "let her go," amid the cheers of the multitude it ascended like a rocket, and after reaching the height of about thirty-five hundred feet, it struck a current which carried it seaward. It was at this time that the aeronaut was seen to leave the balloon, and with the aid of a parachute slowly descend into the ocean, about two hundred feet from Murray & Datz's pavilion. The brave young lady was brought ashore by life saver William Smith and police sergeant Charles Burgenheim,none the worse for her thrilling experience, save a wetting. It is the unanimous opinion of all who witnessed the feat, that it was the most successful one ever given on the beach, and Miss Bates was justly complimented for her pluck.

Brooklyn Daily Eagle



Louise Bates Falls Safely 1,000 Feet Into the Sea With a Parachute.

Miss Louise Bates, the young aeronaut, made a balloon ascension at Rockaway Beach yesterday afternoon, dropping over one thousand feet with the aid of a parachute. Over ten thousand people watched the ascension and the greatest of enthusiasm was displayed as the young woman shot upward after the word had been given to cut the ropes which held the balloon firmly to the sand. After having reached the height of 1,000 feet it drifted eastward toward the ocean. Many of the spectators followed the course of the balloon with their eyes, and were suddenly horrified to see the basket in which Miss Bates was seated sever its connections with the balloon and fall rapidly. The parachute failed to open until it had fallen fully one hundred and fifty feet. As it descended it was seen that the aeronaut must fall into the sea, and several small boats put out to be ready to rescue her. When within a few feet of the water she climbed from the basket and jumped into the sea. The crowd remained silent until she was safely on board one of the small boats and brought ashore. Then they rent the air with cheers. The daring little girl had escaped without injury further than a good ducking.
The young aeronaut was interviewed by an EAGLE reporter after having made the ascension. She is about 18 years of age, of fascinating address. When questioned regarding the sensation of her descent she declared that it felt as if descending to eternity before the parachute opened. After the opening the speed is checked and the sensation is pleasant. "In making my ascension," said she, "my mind is constantly on the balloon. Nothing else passes through it." Miss Bates has made over one hundred balloon ascensions."


Letter written in purple ink and a letterhead of Prof. Harry Gilbert with brief title and address. Two newspaper articles attached with details of Miss Bates' feats.


Collection Location:
Allegany County Library

Entertainers; History (Md.)

Eastern United States, 1889

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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