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Hot Air Balloons

 In this letter, Prof. Carl Myers states he plans to discontinue the parachute exhibitions due to "numerous hot air and fizzles". Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information


Permanent Address

Aeronautic Engineer, & Manager for The Lady Aeronaut Carlotta & L. Dare, the Aerial Gymnast.

ANY KIND OF BALLOON ASCENSION FURNISHED ANYWHERE; "CAPTIVE" ASCENTS, BALLOON "Races," Cut loose ascents by Lady or Gent., basket or trapeze, Parachute or flying machine. Apparatus for sale or built to order; Estimates made for all classes of aeronautical operations; Largest operator in U.S.; plenty of Press Reports, References and recommendations in support, Etc., Etc.

Frankfort, Herkimer Co., N.Y., Aug. 5th, 1889.

R.W. McMichael, Chairman,

Dear Sir:

Your 30th is received. The operating of parachute descents has been so disreputable through the numerous "hot air fizzles" that I have decided to discontinue making parachute exhibitions. The common practice now is to engage at any price possible from $50 upward, accepting all offers to keep others out! Then fill the highest priced engagements and drop the others without notice. This disappoints all but a few, and those getting the attraction usually get the worst kind of a "hot air fizzle".

I have one descent at the Providence, R.I. State Fair for $550 and gas furnished me, Sept. 25. Another at Poughkeepsie, N.Y. by (?) Sept. 27 for same amount with hydrogen has generated and local expenses paid. I made these engagements with the officer visiting me personally April or May last, before my season commenced, but I would willingly cancel them now to avoid a disreputable business such as it has not become.

All my other dates are filled. Another season I shall be pleased to furnish you with a reliable attraction in the balloon line, and guarantee a longer attendance than you have ever had in your section

Truly yours,

C.E. Myers


C.E. Myers

Letterhead featuring Prof. Carl Myers title and description of his work, along with address.


Collection Location:
Allegany County Library

Entertainers; History (Md.)

Eastern United States, 1889

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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