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Obituaries - Clary

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CLARY, GERRARD continued

Tools when he arrives at the age of 21 years.
Item, I give, to Gerard Clary son Danl. Clary now residing in Missouri, A certificate for 40 acres of Land described in said Certificate as No 15184 dated May 31st Anno Domini 1839, when he arrives at the age of 21 years.
Item, I give to my Daughter Rhody Sutton my eight day clock—-
Item, I hereby constitute and appoint my Sons in Law James Pearcy & Frederick Shipley, Trustees, to receive any portion of my Estate that may be coming to My Daughter Rebecca Vroman wife of Sam. Vroman & to appropriate it to the Support of herself and child as their judgement may direct and also to take charge of and Rent the House and Lot knows as the ‘Moore House,’ In which said Moore formerly resided & apply the proceeds to the education of the children of Stephen & Elizabeth Moore & also to receive any share of my Estate that May be coming to them for their Mother’s part & appropriate it for their benefit, share & share alike among the children. If however the Executors should prefer it, after my Wifes [sic] Death, they are authorized to sell the Moore House & Lot & make a good & sufficient title for the same & appropriate the Mothers portion to the support of any of the children that may be infants at the time & after all arrive at the age of 21 years, the residue to be equally divided, among all the children, as above directed.
Item, I do hereby constitute and appoint my Sons in Law James Pearcy [Percy?] and Frederick Shipley as Executors of this my last Will & Testament revoking and annulling all former Wills by me made heretofore, ratifying and confirming this and none other to be my last Will and Testament.
Item, I authorize my above named Executors, with the consent of my Wife Rebecca Clary to sell any portion of my Real Estate, except the Home place lying & being in Allegany County & to make sufficient & valid title therefore, & the proceeds to be equally divided among my children, except Nelson.
Item, I authorize my Son in Law George Hoffman now residing in Missouri after the Death of my wife Rebecca or at any time with her consent in writing, to sell & dispose of all my Lands lying in Missouri not otherwise disposed of, & to make a good and sufficient title therefore & divide the proceeds among my legal Heirs, except Nelson Clary.—
Item, It is my desire after the Wifes [sic] Death that my Executors rent out the Real Estate until they in their discretion deem it proper to sell & they are hereby empowered fully to sell all my Real Estate lying in this County & divide the proceeds among my legal Heirs, Share & share alike, & to make such title as is vested in me (except Nelson Clary)
Item, It further my desire, should my Wife Rebecca Clary ever Marry or become Mentally disqualified that my Executors take charge of my Property & apply the proceeds to her support
Item, I desire that all my Debts be paid out of any Monies that may be in hand or if prefered [sic] by my Wife that any of the Personal Property she may direct be sold by my Executors & the debts discharged by them
Item, I further desire that at my Wifes [sic] Death all the remaining Personal property on hand, be sold & the proceeds be equally divided among my legal Heirs—except as herein mentioned.
Item, In case the Executors take charge of the Girl, they are to hire her out & the proceeds given to my Daughter Mary Ann for her use & benefit
In testimony whereof, I have hereinto set my Hand and ...affixed my Seal this thirty first day of July in the Year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred & forty Six. [signed] Gerrard Clary. Witnesses: Saml. P. Smith, George M. Jackson, John Anderson.” [Clary Genealogy, pp. 544-545]

Al Feldstein’s Gone But Not Forgotten v. 1 [p. 38] indicates that Gerrard Clary’s headstone is in Rose Hill Cemetery in Cumberland, MD. We believe, however, that he was originally buried in Percy Cemetery, as the Clary genealogy indicates. Sometime later, his remains and/or headstone were moved to Cumberland.

b. 1784
d. 1872
a. 88

“Mrs. Rebecca Clary, relict of the late Jared [sic] Clary of this county, died yesterday morning, at the residence of her daughter—Mrs. Rebecca Vrooman—in this city. Mrs. Clary was, perhaps, the oldest resident of this county, at the time of her death, now living in this city, being in the ninety second year of her age. Her remains were taken to Frostburg yesterday afternoon for interment in the family burial ground near that place.” [ALLEGANIAN, 12-18-1872, p. 3]

The Clary genealogy gives Mrs. Clary’s birth year as 1784. Therefore, she was 88 years old when she died, not 92 as the newspaper indicates. We assume that the “family burial ground,”


Page #:

Anthony E. Crosby and Michael R. Olson


Collection Location:
Frostburg, Md

Original Size:
28 x 22 cms

Cemeteries, Maryland, Frostburg; Obituaries, Maryland, Frostburg. .

Frostburg (Md.), 1800-1972

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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