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Laboring Hands on Coping for Antietam National Cemetery

Laboring Hands on Coping for Antietam National Cemetery Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information


6/22/1867John Pennell4$1.50 $6.00 John Pennel
John Ward$1.50 $2.62 John Ward
John Pennell$1.50 $5.62 John Pernell
6/29/1867Charles Scoffins$1.50 $7.12 Charles (X) Scoffins
A. A. Kretzer
6/29/1867John Gift$1.50 $10.62 John (X) Gift
A. A. Kretzer
W. R. Sheckels10¼$1.00 $10.25 J. G. (X) Sheckels
Geo. Crosto (?)
H. Wilkinson$1.50 $2.25 H. (X) Wilkinson
Chas. G. Biggs
Van Fouk10¾$1.50 $16.12 Van Fouk
David Gloss$1.50 $13.62 David Gloss
Peter Terney10¼$1.50 $15.37 P. Tearney
Jacob Mose$1.50 $4.12 Jacob (X) Mose
E. C. Biggs
Edward Hebb Jr.$1.50 $11.62 Edward Hebb
Noah Kretzer$2.00 $14.50 Noah Kretzer
John Jackson$1.50 $13.12 John W. Jackson
Charles Scoffins1$1.50 $1.50 Charles (X) Scoffins
E. C. Biggs
Andrew Morver4$1.50 $6.00 Andrew (X) Morver
W. N. Biggs
7/29/1867George Sheckels11$1.00 $11.00 George (X) Sheckels
A. A. Kretzer
Van Fouk11$1.50 $16.50 Van Fouk
David Gloss9$1.50 $13.50 David Gloss
Samuel Frey11$1.50 $16.50 Samuel Fry
John W. James11$1.50 $16.50 John James
Edword Hebb Jr.10$1.50 $15.00 Edword Hebb
Abraham Hewett10$1.50 $15.00 Abraham Hewett
Joseph E. Smith1$1.50 $1.50 Joseph E. Smith
C. Scoffins2$1.50 $3.00 Charles (X) Scoffins
E. C. Biggs
8/02/1867Naoh Kretzer11$2.00 $22.00 Noah Kretzer
Naoh Kretzer2$2.00 $4.00 Noah Kretzer
N. R. Sheckels5$1.00 $5.00 N. R. (X) Sheckels
A. A. Kretzer
Jacob Keedy170 perches$0.10 $17.00 Jacob A. Keedy
To Fill of Quarry &$100.00
damages to Wheat
Bill of lumber and use of Wagon$3.00


Page #:
17 - 18


Collection Location:
Washington County Free Library

Antietam National Cemetery --History.

Washington County (Md.), 1867

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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