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William Jefferson Clinton * 1993 - 2001

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William Jefferson Clinton (1946- )
Forty-Second President
Term in Office: 1993-2001

William Jefferson Clinton was victorious in both the 1992 and 1996 presidential election campaigns. A Democrat, his running mate in both campaigns was Albert A. Gore Jr. (1948- ), a United States Senator from Tennessee.

In 1992 Clinton defeated the Republican, George Herbert Walker Bush and H. Ross Perot (1930-2019), who ran as an Independent and garnered almost 20,000,000 votes. The 1996 campaign saw Clinton defeat Robert J. Dole (1923-2021), the candidate of the Republican Party, and H. Ross Perot, who this time ran representing the Reform Party did considerably less well with just over 8 million votes.

Prior to his election as President of the United States, Clinton had served as Governor of Arkansas. Clinton's eight years as President was marked by low unemployment, a reduction in welfare, the first balanced Federal budget in decades, and generally good economic prosperity for the nation. A low point was the failure of a major health care reform effort, an initiative early in his administration that was headed by his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton (1947- ).

The final two years of Clinton's administration was cloaked in scandal over his relationship with a twenty-two year old White House intern named Monica Lewinsky (1973- ). He became only the second President in history to be impeached (the first being Andrew Johnson in 1868) and much of the attention of government, the media, and the public was focused upon this. Despite this he maintained his popularity among many Americans.

Hillary Rodham Clinton was elected to the United States Senate from New York in 2000, and made an unsuccessful bid for the Democratic nomination for President in the 2008 election.

Clinton plays the saxophone, and even considered becoming a professional musician. While campaigning in June 1992 he donned dark glasses and played "Heartbreak Hotel" on his saxophone while appearing on the Arsenio Hall Show. That moment is graphically depicted here in a button used in both the 1992 and 1996 campaigns. Buttons depicting the unsuccessful 1996 Republican candidates, Robert Dole and his running-mate, Jack Kemp (1935-2009), are also included.

Also included is a 1996 presidential election campaign coverage button produced by C-SPAN. C-SPAN stands for the Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network. Sponsored as a public service by the cable companies, it first went on the air in 1979 and is devoted exclusively to non-stop coverage of government proceedings, public affairs programming, and the presentation of non-fiction books and authors.


Al Feldstein

Al Feldstein

Collection Location:
LaVale, Maryland

Campaign paraphernalia, United States, History; Presidents, United States, Election, History.

United States, 1896-2008

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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